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Everything you need to hit your nonprofit Social Media Goals

What makes Nerdy Nonprofit Social better?

We’ve got the best features, an easy to use interface and we’re constantly innovating to meet all our nonprofit customers’ social media management needs!

Standard Tools

Challenging User Experience

Many tools have cluttered interfaces, leading to steep learning curves.

Expensive Subscription Models

A majority of tools are pricey, restricting the number of linked social media accounts.

Inconsistent Updates

Several platforms suffer from infrequent updates and delayed feature rollouts.

Limited Customer Assistance

Customer support for many platforms is slow and primarily limited to emails.

Nonexistent (or Generic) Post Templates

No other social tool provider will custom design beautiful, flexible, branded templates for you.

Nerdy Nonprofit Social

Effortless User Interface

Offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

One Cost-effective Plan

Provides one affordable plan with robust features, and no limit on number of linked social media accounts.

Continuous Innovation

Ensures regular addition of new features, contributing to the tool’s stability and minimal downtime.

Comprehensive Support

Our dedicated support team is available to address questions promptly.

20 Custom Designed Templates for YOUR Brand

The only social media tool provider partner that offers professionally designed templates for your nonprofit.

Easily schedule and publish posts on all major social media platforms with best-in-class publishing features.

Multi-network support

Create, publish, and manage your social media posts across all major platforms.

Visualize content strategy

Get a comprehensive view of all your social media content with the content calendar.

Store evergreen content

Save your best content and frequently used hashtags in the content library for reuse.

Easily customize posts

Be it Reel or a tweet, personalize your content according to the platform you choose to post on.

Schedule in bulk

Schedule up to 500 posts at once across multiple platforms and accounts.

Workflow for publishing

Scheduled posts are either added to the publishing queue or added to a shared calendar

SocialPilot makes my life so much easier to have all of these socials on one scheduling platform. It’s great that I can customize each post for each social account.

Publish great content that resonates with your audience.

Nerdy Nonprofit Social is an all-in-one tool for managing, and publishing your social media content.

View and download all the analytics you need to make informed decisions on your social media marketing strategies.

Multi-channel analytics

Access detailed metrics for your content across all platforms– by page or by post.

Custom PDF reports

Download and send custom analytics reports that reflect your nonprofit's look and feel.

Identify posting schedules

Find out when your audience is most active and plan content accordingly.

Set and forget reporting

Schedule automatic reports that reach your team's inbox every week or month.

The analytics are white labeled, so they are easy to share and they provide a good amount of information.

Track crucial metrics and optimize your strategy

Get insights into your content’s reach, engagement, impressions, and more.

Keep the conversation flowing by actively engaging with your audience using our all-in-one Social Inbox.

Clutter-Free Inbox

Reduce clutter in your Social Inbox by separating actioned interactions from pending ones.

Connect with the community

Respond to comments or mentions across platforms and engage with your community.

Easily manage reviews

Keep track and respond to all your Facebook and Google Business reviews to boost visibility.

Humanize conversations

Use images, GIFs or emojis in your responses to tailor conversations for the audience.

The feature of a single inbox is great.SocialPilot helped me stay engaged with our audience through the Social inbox having messages and comments.

Bring conversations under one roof

Be it comments, messages, or reviews – Social Inbox helps manage all your conversations.

We want to help you hit the ground running when it comes to social media. So when you join Nerdy Nonprofit Social, we’ll get to work designing 20 beautiful social post templates in Canva – just for you.

Designed for YOUR brand

Every social post template is custom designed in your brand's colors, fonts, and style.

Choose your sizes

Square for Instagram, portrait for Stories, or landscape for LinkedIn. You get to decide every template.

Made for flexible use

We'll provide a diverse mix of templates flexible enough for a wide variety of use cases.

Renews every year

Each year on the anniversary of your subscription, you'll get 20 more custom designed templates.

And seriously: This isn’t just a standard template set with your colors and fonts swapped out. A professional graphic designer will actually take time to listen and understand your nonprofit’s needs, and develop 20 beautiful and unqiue templates that represent your brand perfectly.

Stop wasting time trying to design social images yourself

Accelerate your workflow by leveraging easy-to-use social templates designed for your brand.

Make use of collaboration features designed to make workflows smoother for your entire team.

Coordinate effectively

Collaborate with your team members on all your posts with the help of comments.

Establish roles & permissions

Assign roles easily and grant selective access to content schedulers or managers.

Email notifications

Stay up-to-date regarding all your content’s approval statuses via email

Seamless approval workflow

Make approvals simple by choosing who can approve posts. Posts can also be sent back with feedback.

If you are looking for a solid scheduler, which allows for management of multiple channels,without too much fuss, and at a great price, you can’t beat SocialPilot.

Bridge the communication gap and get things done

Enhance your team’s productivity with our streamlined collaboration features.

One affordable price for nonprofits

See how Nerdy Nonprofit Social pricing and features compare to popular alternatives.

$99 per month

Unlimited user logins

Unlimited social profiles

All in one social inbox

Analytics and reporting

Content and asset library

20 custom designed post templates

Dedicated support team

$249 per month

Unlimited 1 user login

Unlimited social profiles (up to 5)

All in one social inbox

Analytics and reporting

Content and asset library

20 custom designed post templates

Dedicated support team

$99 per month

Unlimited 1 user login

Unlimited social profiles (up to 10)

All in one social inbox

Analytics and reporting

Content and asset library

20 custom designed post templates

Dedicated support team