Helping nonprofit marketers reach more people, save more time, and do more good.


Is your nonprofit struggling to reach more people?

We're obsessed with helping nonprofits boost their marketing with powerful and affordable tools and tailored services to help your organization reach its goals.

What is Nerdy Nonprofit?

We exist to help nonprofit marketers reach more people, save more time, and do more good.

We provide a trusted expertise for nonprofits looking to level up their digital marketing. You don’t need those fancy, expensive tools to crank out incredibly effective marketing. We’ve discovered that there are digital marketing tools available out there that are affordable for nonprofits, easy for anyone to learn, and extremely powerful.


Reach more people

Access powerful tools and services that amplify your nonprofit's reach.

Save more time

We'll help you work smarter, not harder, because we know your time is valuable.

Do more good

Increase your nonprofit's ability to do more good – and that’s what it’s all about.

The Google Ad Grants program provides free ad spend to eligible nonprofits

Imagine the impact your nonprofit could make with an extra $10,000 per month of free Google Ads? That’s up to $120,000/year to reach more people, raise awareness for your cause, and make a bigger difference.

The best software tools to power your nonprofit marketing

There are a lot of software tools in the world today. We’ve tested a bunch of them and these are the critical few we enjoy most, believe in, and use ourselves. And they offer exclusive discounts to nonprofits!

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ActiveCampaign is the only email marketing platform we use, and will ever use.

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DonorBox is our go-to online donation platform for nonprofits. Integrate with your website now.

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OptinMonster makes it easy to convert and monetize web traffic with popups and forms.

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Elfsight saves us time and money with 50+ powerful, ready-to-use website widgets.